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Perfecto Presents: Sandra Collins Part 2

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Released  August 8, 2006
Artist  Sandra Collins
Label  Thrive Records
Length  Approx. 102 minutes
Release date  8 August 2006
Genres  Trance music, Techno
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Sandra Collins Part 2 is a mix created by DJ Sandra Collins. It was released in 2006 under the Perfecto Label, which is owned by Paul Oakenfold.


Track listing

Disc One

  1. "She's Hardcore (TV Rock Mix)" - Gary Gecko & Pigwboy
  2. "Deep Throat (Original Mix)" - Andrea Doria
  3. "The Tip (Tom Neville Remix)" - King Roc
  4. "We Share Our Mothers Health (Trentemoller Mix)" - The Knife
  5. "Love & Its Consequences (Original Mix)" - AAV
  6. "Urban Minds" - Pacjam
  7. "It Comes From Inside (Trent Cantrelle Mix)" - Low End Specialists
  8. "Starwaves (Spirit Catcher's Time Modulator Mix)" - Esoterik
  9. "I Feel Space (Tomba Special Space)" - Lindstrom
  10. "Our Future Legacy (Canuckistani Bombs Mix)" - BP Zulauf & Dean Dixon

Disc Two

  1. "Silent Violence (Original Mix)" - C79
  2. "Je T'Aime (JEE Remix)" - Rocco Mundo & ONNO
  3. "Past Will Be Future" - Flash Brothers
  4. "Dogma (DJ Tarkan Remix)" - Siberian Son
  5. "Closer (With Molly Bancroft)" - Gabriel & Dresden
  6. "Sigh (Salinas Dub Mix)" - Carl Fath
  7. "Munich (Cicada Remix)" - Editors
  8. "Let Go (With Molly Bancroft, Original Mix)" - Gabriel & Dresden
  9. "Not Alone Tonight Feat. Kenra Foster (Blake Jerrell Club Mix)" - Marscruiser
  10. "Hammer & Tongs (Blake Jerrell Remix)" - Envotion
  11. "Down In Me (Cicada Remix)" - Silencer


  • Sandra Collins - Mixing
  • Songs

    1She's Hardcore (TV rock mix)Gary Gecko - Pigbwoy5:59
    2Throat (original mix)Andrea Doria4:21
    3The Tip (Tom Neville remix)King Roc3:59


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