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Perdiccas I of Macedon

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Reign  unknown
Father  Tyrimmas
Parents  Tyrimmas of Macedon
Grandparents  Coenus of Macedon
Predecessor  Tyrimmas
Religion  Ancient Greek religion
House  Argead dynasty
Successor  Argaeus I
Name  Perdiccas of
Children  Argaeus I of Macedon
Issue  Argaeus I
Role  King

Perdiccas I of Macedon

Great-grandparents  Caranus of Macedon
Grandchildren  Philip I of Macedon
Great grandchildren  Aeropus I of Macedon

Perdiccas I of Macedon (Ancient Greek: Περδίκκας Α΄) was king of Macedon. Herodotus stated:

"From Argos fled to the Illyrians three brothers of the descendants of Temenus, Gauanes, Aeropus, and Perdiccas; and passing over from the Illyrians into the upper parts of Macedonia they came to the city of Lebaia."

"Now that these descendants of Perdiccas are Greeks, as they themselves say, I myself chance to know and will prove it in the later part of my history."


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