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Pent House Mouse

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Film series  Tom and Jerry
Director  Chuck Jones
Producer  Chuck Jones
Language  English
Pent House Mouse movie poster

Release date  July 27, 1963
Genres  Animation, Short Film, Comedy, Family film
Story by  Chuck Jones, Michael Maltese
Tom and Jerry movies  Pent-House Mouse and The Cat Above and the Mouse Below are part of the same movie series, Pent-House Mouse and Guided Mouse-ille are part of the same movie series, Pent-House Mouse and Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? are part of the same movie series, Pent-House Mouse and Much Ado About Mousing are part of the same movie series, Pent-House Mouse and Rock n Rodent are part of the same movie series

The Pent-House Mouse is the first of thirty-four Tom and Jerry shorts directed by Chuck Jones after being fired from Warner Bros. Cartoons, released in 1963 (renewed 1991). Pent-House Mouse returned production of the series to Hollywood after a five-year absence (the previous 13 shorts had been produced in Czechoslovakia and animated by Gene Deitch).

Pent-House Mouse movie scenes Cat and mouse team was launched by Joe Hanna and William Barbera sic who segued into indie production when Metro halted its shorts production


Pent-House Mouse Tom and Jerry Fandubs Pent House Mouse YouTube

Tom is relaxing in a penthouse, while Jerry is struggling looking for food, being forced to tie his tail around his waist to stop his stomach growling. Suddenly Jerry sees a lunchbox at a construction site and jumps into it, eating through to it. However, the steel beam on which the lunchbox is sitting is lifted into the air and the box slides off. Jerry tries to hide in the lunchbox, but it bursts open. The lunchbox then falls onto Tom's head, much to Tom's annoyance, but Tom sees Jerry falling and catches him in a baseball glove inbetween two pieces of bread.

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Tom eats the sandwich, but notices he missed eating Jerry. Tom eats the rest of the sandwich, but Jerry escapes by flicking Tom's finger into his eye. Jerry jumps into a rain gutter, but unawarely slides backwards onto the construction site, barely managing to evade a crusher. Jerry jumps into Tom's mouth and closes his ears and eyes, but Tom shakes Jerry out. Tom grabs a flyswatter and flattens Jerry four times, but Jerry angrily stops him and asks him to hand over the flyswatter and flattens Tom's head to escape.

Pent-House Mouse Tom and Jerry Penthouse Mouse YouTube

Jerry runs to the end of a flagpole, with Tom following, but Jerry spins the pole counterclockwise. Tom, running very fast, convinces Jerry to stop, but Jerry lets Tom know that he loves him before unscrewing the ball to sending Tom's falls down to the construction site and into a building hosting a dog show before the dogs attack Tom.

Finally, Jerry relaxes in Tom's penthouse and drinks some juice but ends up swallowing a whole ice cube before he decides to take a nap.


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