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Peder Skram class frigate

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Name  Peder Skram
Built  1964-1967
Operators  Royal Danish Navy
In commission  1967-1990
Peder Skram-class frigate
Builders  Helsingør Skibsværft og Maskinbyggeri A/S, Denmark
Succeeded by  Niels Juel-class corvette

The Peder Skram class frigate was a class of frigate built for the Royal Danish Navy in the period 1964 - 1967. Only two vessels in this class were ever constructed, Peder Skram F352 and Herluf Trolle F353. The ships were named after Danish Admirals Peder Skram and Herluf Trolle

The ships were modernised in 1976-78 and fitted with guided missiles. Herluf Trolle suffered a serious engine room fire in 1982 and was repaired by 1983. Both ships were placed in reserve in 1987 decommissioned in 1990. Peder Skram is preserved and open to the public at the naval station in Copenhagen. Herluf Trolle was scrapped in Belgium in 1995.


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