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Pebbles, Volume 11 (LP)

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Released  1983
Length  33:36
Label  AIP Records
Recorded  Mid-1960s
Release date  1983
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Pebbles, Volume 11 (LP)  Pebbles, Volume 12 (LP)
Genres  Garage rock, Psychedelic rock
Similar  Pebbles - Volume 10, Pebbles - Volume 12, Pebbles - Volume 1, Nuggets: Original Artyfacts f

Pebbles, Volume 11 is a compilation album among the LP's in the Pebbles series and has no relation to the Pebbles, Volume 11 CD that was released many years later. The cover was adapted and colorized for a later Pebbles double CD, Essential Pebbles, Volume 2.


Release data

This is the first album in the Pebbles series to be released by AIP Records (as #AIP-10001), in 1983. It is also the first release on the AIP label.

Track listing

Side 1:

  1. The Leather Boy: "I'm a Leather Boy" (Milan), 1:53
  2. The Leather Boy: "Shadows" (Milan), 2:10
  3. Illusions: "I Know" (Gardner/Touchton/Hewett/Williams), 2:25
  4. The Galaxies IV: "Don't Lose Your Mind" (The Galaxies IV), 2:40
  5. Rudy Von Ruden: "The Spider and the Fly" (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards), 3:04
  6. Third Evolution: "Gone, Gone, Gone" (Therion), 2:34 – rel. 1966
  7. Looking Glasses: "Visions" (Berke/Naktin), 2:40" – rel. 1967

Side 2:

  1. The Aardvarks: "I'm Higher than I'm Down" (Aardvarks), 2:12
  2. Fountain of Youth: "Hard Woman" (Ganz/Schnell), 2:23
  3. Modds: "Leave My House" (Modds), 2:15
  4. Barking Spyders: "I Want Your Love" (Perkins/Mackaness), 2:41
  5. Beaver Patrol: "E.S.P." (Bledsoe/Humphreys), 2:33
  6. Third Evolution: "Don't Play with Me" (Therion), 2:27" – rel. 1966
  7. Milan (the Leather Boy): "You Gotta Have Soul" (Milan), 1:39


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