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Pavlov (crater)

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Diameter  148 km
Colongitude  220° at sunrise
Depth  Unknown
Eponym  Ivan P. Pavlov
Pavlov (crater)

Pavlov is a large lunar crater on the far side of the Moon. Located just to the north-northeast of it is the crater Levi-Civita while to the southeast is Jules Verne.

The outer rim of Pavlov is somewhat worn and has been damaged in a few locations. There are outward bulges along the southern and eastern rim, and smaller bulges along the western side. Several small craters lie along the inner walls and the interior floor. Pavlov H is located along the east-southeastern edge of the floor. There is a small crater chain leading to the northwest of this satellite, culminating in a teardrop-shaped crater to the east of the midpoint of Pavlov. There are also small, cup-shaped craters along the southeastern and northwestern edges of the floor. Where it is not marked by tiny craters, the interior floor of Pavlov is relatively flat and level.

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Pavlov.


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