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Paul C Rosenbloom

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Name  Paul Rosenbloom

Died  May 26, 2005
Education  Stanford University (1944)
Books  The Elements of Mathematical Logic, Prelude to Analysis
Awards  Guggenheim Fellowship for Natural Sciences, US & Canada

Paul Charles Rosenbloom (born 1920 in Portsmouth, Virginia – 2005) was an American mathematician.

Rosenbloom studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where as an undergraduate he became a Putnam Fellow in 1941. In 1944 he earned his PhD from Stanford University under Gábor Szegő with thesis On sequences of polynomials, especially sections of power series. He was a professor of mathematics at Brown University, Syracuse University (around 1951), the University of Minnesota (middle to end of the 1950s), and the Teacher's College of Columbia University (from the 1960s to his retirement as professor emeritus).

His research includes analysis, special functions, differential equations, logic, and the teaching of mathematics. In the academic year 1959–1960 he was the director of the Minnesota School Mathematics Center.

In 1946 he was a Guggenheim Fellow.


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