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Patriot's Certificate

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Patriot's Certificate

The Patriot’s Certificate (in Italian Certificato al Patriota) is a document that was given to the partisans of the Italian resistance movement during and after the Second World War, firmed by the British field marshal Harold Alexander, commander of Allied forces in Italy, attestating the active collaboration with the Allied forces in the struggle against the nazifascists.

One of first of them was awarded to Nello Iacchini who, on August 26, 1944, saved the life of the Marshal himself and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during a visit to Italy.

Among those who received the certificate are Raffaele Cadorna, Jr., a World War I veterans who commanded Italian resistance forces against Nazi occupying forces in northern Italy in World War II.

The text

In the name of the governments and peoples of the United Nations, we thank [NAME AND PSEUDONYM] for having fought the enemy in the battle fields on service in the patriot ranks, among these men, who have use the arms for the triumph of liberty, developing offensive operations, doing acts of sabotage, giving military information. With their courage, and their pluck, the Italian Patriots have greatly contributed to the liberation of Italy and the great cause of all free men. In the re-born Italy, the owners of this certificate will be considered as patriots, who have fought for the honour and for the Liberty. H.R. Alexander, Field-Marshal, Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theatre.


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