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Patrick Pentland

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Genres  Indie rock
Name  Patrick Pentland
Labels  Murderecords

Years active  1986–present
Occupation(s)  Musician
Role  Record producer
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Born  20 September 1969 (age 46) Newtownards, Northern Ireland, UK (1969-09-20)
Origin  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Instruments  Guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals
Education  University of King's College
Movies  Sloan: A Sides Win: Singles 1992 to 2005
Albums  Twice Removed, Smeared, One Chord to Another, Navy Blues, Pretty Together

Sloan - "The Day Will Be Mine" | Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions

Patrick Pentland (born 20 September 1969) is a member of the Canadian rock band Sloan. All four members of Sloan write, produce, and sing their own songs. Patrick plays guitar, bass, keyboards in the studio, and occasionally plays drums live.

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Patrick was born in Newtownards, Northern Ireland, UK. He emigrated to Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, in 1975 with his father (Richard), mother (Patricia) and sister (Danielle). In 1977 Patrick's father's work saw them moving to Montego Bay, Jamaica, for 18 months. Returning to Nova Scotia in 1979, they settled in Middle Sackville (outside Halifax) where Patrick remained until he moved out of the family home in 1991.

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Patrick attended Sackville High and Millwood High. After graduating he attended the University of King's College, entering the school's prestigious journalism program. He left the program in his second year, and eventually graduated with a BA in history, of which he claims to have retained very little knowledge.

It was during high school that he became serious about playing music, guitar in particular. Patrick's father, Dick Pentland, had played in rock bands, or show bands as they were known, in Northern Ireland throughout the 1960s and early '70s. This influenced Patrick, who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. He had learned recorder in grade school, and played saxophone in his junior high school band, but he eventually settled on guitar as his main instrument.

Patrick's first group was a hard rock band, Prosecutor, which came together in the fall of 1984, and covered Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, plus a few originals influenced by those bands. The intended name was actually Persecutor. The band played two shows, both in the spring of 1985, one in the local recreation centre that they rehearsed in, and the second on the lawn outside a local music store. By this time, however, Patrick had moved away from the hard rock sound of the band, becoming more interested in harder metal, having discovered bands like Motorhead, Venom, and the first two Metallica records.

Through this music he became exposed to punk rock, especially American hardcore. Several trips back to Northern Ireland had also exposed him to the Sex Pistols and post-punk bands like the Cure, early Cult, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. By 1986 Patrick had formed a hardcore band with Cliff Gibb ( later of Weasel Faced Judge, Thrush Hermit, Cool Blue Halo, Doug Mason), John Johnson ( later of The Donner Party Reunion), and Scott Hiltz, called The Ripping Convulsions. The name was shortened to the Convulsions by their first gigs: several house parties in the suburbs of Halifax. The group recorded two tapes featuring songs written primarily by Patrick and John Johnson, and performed a handful of shows in the Halifax punk scene, before disbanding in the summer of 1987. Patrick, Cliff Gibb and John Johnson attempted a noisecore outfit in the fall of 1987, recording one song under the name Toxic Waste.

Reflecting their growing interest in American alternative guitar bands such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and the Pixies, Patrick and Cliff formed Happy Co with Melanie Rusinak (later of Tag (JALE), Chaz Rules, Cool Blue Halo, Black Pool) in late 1987. Rusinak's father had taught Patrick saxophone in jr. high school. Happy Co marked the first time that Patrick took on lead vocals, as well as becoming the main song writer. Again, Happy Co. played a handful of gigs in the Halifax scene, which by then included Kearney Lake Road, composed of future Sloan members Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson. Happy Co continued on into 1990, adding Brad Baxter (formerly of Dread Scott, which included Ben Ross who would go on to replace Gibb in Thrush Hermit) on second guitar, but eventually ended when the members decided to devote more time to finishing their various post secondary pursuits.

In January 1991 Patrick was approached by Chris Murphy to join a new band he had started with Jay Ferguson called Sloan. The new band, rounded out by drummer Andrew Scott, quickly compiled a setlist of original songs, and played their first show at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, two weeks after Patrick joined. The band is still recording and touring with all four original members.

Patrick has written for several music publications and dabbled in blogging, with revealing entries about the band's performances and tours. He has also contributed a song to the children's show Role Play, and performed music for several television commercials.

In 2005 he began releasing electronic/ambient music online under the name Destroy Tomorrow 666. He has been a resident DJ in several prominent Toronto clubs.

Patrick lives in Toronto. He has a son named Marshall, and a daughter named Ivy.


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