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Paramount Famous Productions

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Type  Division
Founded  2007
Industry  Home Entertainment
Area served  Worldwide
Headquarters  Hollywood, California, United States
Key people  Louis Feola (President)

Paramount Famous Productions is a made-for-home entertainment division of Paramount Pictures. It develops home entertainment sequels to films from Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, MTV Films, DreamWorks Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, and other Paramount-related properties. The name also revives the Famous moniker previously used by the Paramount-owned Famous Studios.


In February 2007, Paramount Pictures named Louis Feola president of its new direct-to-DVD division. The initial division plan called for $10 million maximum cost films being released 4 to six times a year working with Paramount Worldwide Home Entertainment. All but Columbia Pictures had a direct to video unit at this time. Feola indicated that Direct-to-video (DTV) faces competition from popular TV shows, but it takes the place of the decreasing sale from older library titles. DTV in a up year can bring in "hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue".

With the completion of principal photography on its first feature length sequel, Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling in August 2008, Parmamount announced a name for the division: Paramount Famous Productions. Road Trip (2000), Bad News Bears, The Naked Gun, Mean Girls, and Grease spinoffs were announced to be in development at that time. Also, three executives were appointed. The division expected to be releasing a full slate starting in 2010.


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