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Pak Yong sik

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Choson'gul  박영식

McCune–Reischauer  Pak Yongsik
Name  Pak Yong-sik
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Revised Romanization  Bak Yeongsik

Pak Yong-sik (born 1950) is a senior North Korean military officer and Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) politician, currently serving as the country's defence minister. Pak is the 6th Defense Minister appointed by Kim Jong-Un. Pak is a member of the Workers' Party of Korea Central Military Commission.

Pak Yong-sik Pak Yong Sik new Defense minister Leadership and Economy of North

Pak Yong-sik was appointed vice-director of the Political Department of the Korean People's Army sometimes before January 2015, having previously served as an official of the Ministry of People's Security. He was promoted to general in April 2015, and shortly thereafter he took over the post of minister of the People's Armed Forces after his predecessor, Hyon Yong-chol, was executed for insubordination. His promotion was publicly revealed on 11 July, though the exact date of his appointment is unknown.

Pak Yong-sik Gen Pak Yong Sik confirmed as new North Korea defense minister

Pak Yong-sik LEAD N Korea appears to have appointed new defense chief

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