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Pain de Gênes

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Alternative names  Genoa bread
Region or state  Genoa
Type  cake
Place of origin  France
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Main ingredients  Almond paste, Egg as food, Butter
Similar  Butter, Egg as food, Almond paste, Dacquoise, Entremet

Pain de g nes recette authentique du pain de g nes

Pain de Gênes ("Genoa bread") is a cake made largely from almond paste, eggs and melted butter, but only a minimal amount of flour. Another unusual aspect is that no raising agent is used, instead the rise is achieved by whisking the butter and eggs. It is said to have been invented to commemorate the 1800 siege of French forces at Genoa, when the city’s inhabitants survived largely on almonds. However, despite this it is not actually of Italian origin but French, and was invented by the 1840s Parisian pastry chef Fauvel, who worked at the Chiboust pastry shop. Fauvel initially called it gateau d'ambroise (Ambrosia Cake).


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