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Padrón (surname)

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Padrón is a surname of Hispanic origin. Its origin is from the Galician town of Padrón.

There are currently 4,729 people in Spain with the surname Padrón.

List of persons with the surname

  • Bernardo Padrón (contemporary), Venezuelan saxophonist and composer
  • Eduardo J. Padrón (contemporary), American academic and college president
  • Frank Padrón (born 1958), Cuban film critic
  • Humberto Padrón (born 1967), Cuban film director
  • José Padrón (1906–1944), Spanish professional football player
  • Juan Padrón (born 1947), Cuban premier animation director
  • Julián Padrón (1910–1954), Venezuelan writer, journalist and lawyer
  • Justo Jorge Padrón (born 1943), Canarian Spanish poet
  • Leo Padron, American watchmaker
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