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Ouroboros: Seasons of Life—Women's Passages

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Ouroboros: Seasons of Life—Women's Passages is a Neopagan oratorio by musician, author, and composer Kay Gardner. Written between 1992 and 1994, it was produced by Ladyslipper Records and recorded by an all-female group for the 1994 National Women's Music Festival. Ouroboros: Seasons of Life musically portrays a woman's life cycle from birth to death using Neopagan symbols and imagery. The Triple Goddess aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone are prominently featured, as are the four seasons and Neopagan holidays.

CD information: Ouroboros: Seasons of Life—Women's Passages (1994) Ladyslipper; ASIN: B000008T5H


  1. Beginning
  2. Birth/Winter Solstice
    1. Birth of the Sun-Child
    2. Birth Interlude
    3. Birth Chant
  3. Childhood/Imbolic
    1. Round Is Magic
    2. Childhood Interlude
    3. Childhood Chant
  4. Puberty/Spring Equinox
    1. My First Moontime
    2. Puberty Interlude
    3. Puberty Chant
  5. Maidenhood/Beltane
    1. May Eve
    2. Maidenhood Interlude
    3. Maidenhood Chant
  6. Motherhood/Summer Solstice
    1. So Newly Come
    2. I Dance Yes
    3. Motherhood Interlude
  7. Menopause/Lammas
    1. Blood-Rite of the Thirteenth Moon
    2. Menopause Interlude
  8. Elderhood/Autumn Equinox
    1. The Crone
    2. Elderhood Interlude
    3. Elderhood Chant
  9. Death-Rebirth/Samhain
    1. Death of the Old One
    2. Death Chant


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