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Osmussaare Lighthouse

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Location  Osmussaar, Estonia
Height  11 m
Focal height  12 m
Construction  Concrete
Characteristic  Fl(2) W 18 s.
Range  20,372 m
Automated  1995
Year first lit  1954 (current)
Osmussaare Lighthouse

Year first constructed  1765 (first) 1804 (second) 1850 (third)
Foundation  one-story square prism cement blocks basement
Tower shape  cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern  white tower with black horizontal bands
Address  91217 Lääne County, Estonia
Similar  Osmussaar, Vaindloo Lighthouse, Virtsu Lighthouse, Kaavi Lighthouse, Vilsandi Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Osmussaar stands on the North Western peak of Osmussaar at coordinates

The lighthouse was built in 1954, is made of reinforced concrete and is 35 meters tall.

The first stone beacon on Osmussaar was built in 1765. In 1804 it was elevated and equipped with a lantern room containing a catoptric lighting device with 24 lamps and reflectors.

In 1814 the lighthouse collapsed and was replaced by a temporary wooden tower.

In 1850 a new stone lighthouse was built and equipped with a dioptric Fresnel lighting device in 1875.

In 1902 the lighthouse became powered by electricity.

The lighthouse was blown up by the Soviet soldiers before evacuation in 1941.

The current lighthouse was built in 1954 to replace the temporary wooden structure which was erected after the war.


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