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Open Road (Gary Barlow song)

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A-side  Open Road
Released  October 31, 1997
Recorded  1996
B-side  Back For Good (Live)
Format  CD Single
Genre  Pop

"Open Road" is the fourth single released from British singer-songwriter Gary Barlow's debut solo album, Open Road.



Following the release of "So Help Me Girl", Barlow announced that 'Open Road' would be the last single to be released from the album in Europe. However, following its release, 'Open Road' peaked at #7 on the UK Singles Chart as well as becoming his third fourth consecutive top 2 single in Latvia and fourth song to chart in Ireland and Germany respectively. After the single was released Barlow's record label began the process of preparing the recording of a second album. However, his next single, "Stronger", only reached #16 on the UK Singles Chart, and as such, 'Open Road' is viewed as his last successful single, until the release of 2010 single Shame and Barlow's third #1 single on the UK Singles Chart, "Sing" in 2012. Barlow himself regards Open Road as "the best song on the album".

Music video

The video begins with Barlow sitting in his car, watching as rain pours down outside. The scene then cuts to a shot of Barlow performing inside a social club, where dancers and backing vocalists are performing around him. After the first chorus, the video cuts to Barlow walking along a highway, through an underground train station and arriving at the club where he is performing. However, this time, the scene alternates, as he throws his jacket to the ground, moves into the centre of the stage and performs directly to camera. The video finishes with Barlow returning to his car, realising that the hope he has been searching for is inside of him, which is indicated by the image in his rearside mirror. The music video uses the Rose & Foster mix.

Track listings

  1. "Open Road" (Rose & Foster Mix) - 4:28
  2. "Open Road" (Mr. Pink Mix) - 4:44
  3. "Hang On In There Baby" (Live) - 3:53
  4. "So Help Me Girl" (Live) - 4:16
  1. "Open Road" (Rose & Foster Mix) - 4:28
  2. "Open Road" (Mr. Pink Mix) - 4:44
  3. "Back For Good" (Live) - 4:01
  4. "Open Road" (Live) - 4:24
Cassette / 7" Jukebox Vinyl
  1. "Open Road" (Rose & Foster Mix) - 4:28
  2. "Back For Good" (Live) - 4:01
  3. "Open Road" (Mr. Pink Mix) - 4:44


Open Road (Gary Barlow song) Wikipedia

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