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October 16 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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October 16 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

Oct. 15 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Oct. 17


All fixed commemorations below celebrated on October 29 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.

For October 16th, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on October 3.


  • Martyr Longinus the Centurion who stood at the Cross of the Lord and at his Tomb (1st century)
  • Martyrs Isaurus and Aphrodisius, who suffered with St. Longinus (1st century)
  • Saints Leontius, Dometius, Terence and Domninus, martyrs by fire.
  • Venerable Malus the Hermit.
  • Pre-Schism Western Saints

  • Saint Eliphius (Eloff), born in Ireland, he was martyred in Toul in France under Julian the Apostate (362)
  • Saint Bolonia, a holy virgin aged fifteen and martyred under Julian the Apostate (362)
  • Saint Florentinus of Trier, successor of St Severinus as Bishop of Trier in Germany (4th century)
  • Saint Dulcidius (Dulcet, Doucis), successor of St Phoebadius as Bishop of Agen in France (c. 450)
  • 220 Martyrs of North-West Africa.
  • Martys Saturninus, Nereus and Companions, a group of some 365 martyrs who suffered in North Africa under the Vandal King Genseric (450)
  • Martyrs Martinian, Saturian and Companions, under Genseric in North Africa (458)
  • Saint Conogan, the successor of St Corentin as Bishop of Quimper in Brittany (460)
  • Saint Junian, a hermit in Commodoliacus (now Saint-Junien), near Limoges in France (5th century)
  • Saint Gallus, monk of Bangor Monastery and Enlightener of Switzerland (c. 646)
  • Saint Magnobodus (Mainboeuf), Bishop of Angers in France (c. 670)
  • Saint Baldwin (Baudoin), martyr (c. 680)
  • Saint Mummolin (Mommolinus), Bishop of Noyon-Tournai in Belgium (c. 686)
  • Saint Bercharius, a monk at Luxeuil Abbey and first Abbot of Hautvilliers and martyr (696)
  • Saint Balderic (Baudry), children of Sigebert I, King of Austrasia (7th century)
  • Saint Eremberta, niece of St Wulmar and first Abbess of Wierre in France (late 7th century)
  • Saint Vitalis (Vial), Hermit, Confessor (740)
  • Saint Ambrose, thirteenth Bishop of Cahors in France (c. 752)
  • Saint Lullus, the first permanent Archbishop of Mainz, succeeding Saint Boniface, Confessor (787)
  • Post-Schism Orthodox Saints

  • Saint Eupraxia, Abbess, before tonsure Princess Euphrosyne of Pskov (1243)
  • Venerable Longinus the Gate-keeper of the Kiev Caves (13th-14th centuries)
  • Venerables John and Longinus of Yarenga, monks of Solovetsky Monastery (1544-45 or 1569) (see also: July 3)
  • New Martyr John of Tourkolekas (1816)
  • Blessed Domna (Slipchenko) of Tomsk, Fool-for-Christ, of Tomsk (1872)
  • New Martys and Confessors

  • Saint George Troitsky, Confessor, Priest (1931)
  • New Hieromartyr Eugene Yelkhovsky, Priest (1937)
  • New Hieromartyr Alexei Nikonov, Priest (1938)
  • New Hieromartyr John Zasyedatelev, Priest (1942)
  • Other commemorations

  • Repose of Patriarch Adrian of Moscow (1700)
  • Repose of Abbot Neonil of NeamÈ› Monastery, Romania (1853)
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