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Niulanshan No.1 High School

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Phone  +86 10 6941 6666
Address  China, Beijing Shi, Shunyi Qu, 牛栏山镇育才大街1号
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Niulanshan No.1 High School or Beijing Shunyi Niulanshan First Secondary School (Chinese: 北京市顺义牛栏山第一中学) is a public 10th through 12th grade senior high school in Niulanshan Town (牛栏山镇), Shunyi District, Beijing. Niulanshan's 46-acre (19 ha) campus includes boarding facilities. As of 2015 the school has 2,700 students and 215 full-time faculty.

It was founded in 1950. In 2002 it was designated as a "model high school". The recent headmaster of this school is Huali Zhang(Chinese: 张华礼)


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