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Niqmaddu II

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Died  1315 BC
Great grandchildren  Ammurapi, Ibiranu
Children  Niqmepa, Ibiranu, Arhalba
Niqmaddu II
Grandchildren  Ammittamru II, Niqmaddu III.

Niqmaddu II was the second ruler and king of the Ancient Syrian city of Ugarit, reigning ca. 1350-15 BC (or possibly ca. 1380-46 BC) and succeeding his father Ammishtamru I. He took his name from the earlier Amorite ruler Niqmaddu, meaning "Addu has vindicated" to strengthen the supposed origins of his Ugaritic dynasty in the Amorites.

He was a contemporary of the Egyptian ruler Amenophis IV and the Hittite ruler Shuppiluliuma I, and was a vassal of the latter. He had good relations with Egypt, and conceded to the Amorites in a dispute over the Shiyannu region early in his reign. He commissioned the Baal cycle about the god Haddu/Ba'al, and had a son, Niqmepa.

He is identified in Syrian on an alabaster vase along with a woman in Egyptian court dress, and is mentioned in the Baal cycle as King nqmd. He was succeeded briefly by Ar-Halba.


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