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Nintendo GameCube – Game Boy Advance link cable

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Manufacturer  Nintendo
Generation  Sixth generation
Type  Gamepad adapter cable
Nintendo GameCube – Game Boy Advance link cable
Release date  JP: December 14, 2001 NA: February 12, 2002
Connectivity  GameCube controller port, Game Boy Advance

The GameCube – Game Boy Advance link cable (DOL-011) is a cable used to connect the GameCube (GCN) and the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Small games can be downloaded into the GBA, the GBA may be used as a second screen to supplement gameplay, or the GBA can be a separate controller. By using this cable and a Game Boy Player accessory, a Game Boy Advance can be used to control a Game Boy game being played on the GameCube. The cable has one end that plugs into a GameCube controller slot and another end that plugs into the GBA's extension port. It is the descendant of the Transfer Pak. The cable is compatible with the GameCube and the original Wii on the console side, and the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Player, and e-Reader on the portable side. Because the Game Boy Micro has a differently-shaped link port, the official cable does not work with it, but resourceful enthusiasts have been able to hack together home-made versions which do. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was the first GameCube game to use this link cable. It is the predecessor to the Wii U, by having two screens separate, one on the TV and the other on the Wii U GamePad.


The following is a list of compatible GameCube games, with the corresponding Game Boy Advance (GBA) game or N/A if no GBA game is required.


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