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Nielsen (surname)

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Nielsen [ˈnelsn] is a Danish patronymic surname, literally meaning son of Niels, Niels being the Danish version of the Greek male given name Νικόλαος, Nikolaos (cf. Nicholas). It is the most common surname in Denmark, shared by about 5% of the population. It is also used in Norway, although the form Nelsen and Nilsen is more common. In Sweden the parallel form is Nilsson. Nielsen is also in use in the Faroe Islands. The frequent occurrences of Nielsen as a surname outside Denmark is due to emigration. Immigrants to English-speaking countries sometimes changed the spelling to Nielson, Nelsen, Nelson, Neilson, or Neilsen.


  • Alice Nielsen (1872–1943), American singer
  • Allan Nielsen (born 1971), Danish football player
  • Anders Christian Nielsen Also known as A. C. Nielsen (1848–1929) Junction City, Oregon, Danish community founder
  • Anders Peter Nielsen (1867–1950), Danish shooter
  • Arthur Nielsen (1897–1980), American market analyst
  • Asta Nielsen (1881–1972), Danish actress
  • Benny Nielsen (born 1966), Danish swimmer
  • Benny Nielsen (born 1951), Danish former footballer
  • Brigitte Nielsen (born 1963), Danish actress
  • Carl Nielsen (1865–1931), Danish composer
  • Christopher Nielsen (born 1963), Norwegian comics artist
  • Connie Nielsen (born 1965), Danish actress
  • Dane Nielsen, Australian rugby league footballer
  • David Nielsen (born c.1977), Danish footballer
  • Ebbe Nielsen (1950–2001), Danish entomologist
  • Erik Nielsen (1924–2008), former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, brother of Leslie
  • Frans Nielsen (born 1984), Danish Ice Hockey player
  • Frederik Nielsen (born 1983), Danish tennis player
  • Frida Sanggaard Nielsen (born 1998), Danish rower
  • Gunnar Nielsen (athlete) (1928–1985), Danish athlete. Former world record holder over 1500 metres.
  • Gunnar Nielsen (footballer born 1986), Faroese football player
  • Gunnar Guillermo Nielsen Argentinian football player
  • Harald Nielsen (born 1941) former Danish footballer
  • Henry Nielsen (actor) (1890–1967), Danish actor
  • Henry Nielsen (athlete) (1910–1969), Danish runner
  • Holger Nielsen (1866–1955), Danish Olympic competitor in various sports
  • Holger Bech Nielsen (born 1941), Danish theoretical physicist
  • Inga Nielsen (1946–2008), Danish singer (soprano)
  • Jakob Nielsen (born 1957), Danish-American usability consultant
  • Jakob Nielsen (1890–1959), Danish mathematician
  • Jennifer A. Nielsen, author of the Ascendance Trilogy
  • Jeppe Nielsen (born 1974), Danish freestyle swimmer
  • Jerri Nielsen (1952–2009), American physician
  • Jimmy Nielsen (born 1977), Danish footballer
  • John Nielsen (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jonatan Nielsen (born 1993), Swedish professional ice hockey
  • Juanita Nielsen (1937–1975), Australian publisher
  • Kay Nielsen (1886–1957), Danish "golden age" illustrator
  • Kai Nielsen (1882–1924), Danish sculptor
  • Kai Nielsen (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Kai Peter Anthon Nielsen (1906–1988), better known as Kai Ewans was a Danish jazz musician
  • Keith Nielsen, American Sculptor
  • Kurt Nielsen (1930–2011), Danish former tennis player
  • Leslie Nielsen (1926–2010), Canadian-born American film actor
  • Ludolf Nielsen (1876–1939), Danish composer, violinist, conductor and pianist
  • Matthew Nielsen (born 1978), former Australian basketball player
  • Michael Nielsen (born 1983), American graphic designer
  • Nielsine Nielsen (1850-1916), the first female academic and physician in Denmark
  • Olivia Nielsen (1852–1910), Danish trade unionist and politician
  • Renata Nielsen (born 1966), Danish long jumper
  • Rick Nielsen, lead guitarist of the American rock band Cheap Trick
  • Sanna Nielsen (born 1984), Swedish-born singer
  • Skylar Nielsen (born 1975), American film director
  • Yngvar Nielsen (1843–1916), Norwegian historian
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