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New Zealand order of precedence

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The Order of precedence in New Zealand is a guide to the relative seniority of constitutional office holders and certain others, to be followed, as appropriate at State and official functions. The previous order of precedence (approved and amended) is revoked and Her Majesty The Queen approved the following Order of Precedence in New Zealand effective 11 April 2016:

  1. The Sovereign.
  2. The Governor-General or, while acting in the place of the Governor-General) the officer administering the Government
  3. Her Excellency The Right Honourable Dame Patsy Reddy GNZM QSO DStJ
  4. The Prime Minister.
  5. The Rt. Hon. Bill English MP
  6. The Speaker of the House of Representatives
  7. The Rt. Hon. David Carter MP
  8. The Chief Justice
  9. The Rt. Hon. Dame Sian Elias GNZM PC QC
  10. The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
  11. Her Excellency Mrs O'Love Jacobsen of Niue
  12. The Deputy Prime Minister
  13. The Hon. Paula Bennett (Deputy Prime Minister) MP
  14. Ministers of the Crown (ordered by ministerial rank; list as of 20 December 2014)
  15. The Hon. Steven Joyce MP
  16. The Hon. Gerry Brownlee MP
  17. The Hon. Simon Bridges MP
  18. The Hon. Amy Adams MP
  19. The Hon. Jonathan Coleman MP
  20. The Hon. Chris Finlayson MP
  21. The Hon. Michael Woodhouse MP
  22. The Hon. Anne Tolley MP
  23. The Hon. Hekia Parata, Lady Gardiner MP
  24. The Hon. Nathan Guy MP
  25. The Hon. Murray McCully MP
  26. The Hon. Nikki Kaye MP
  27. The Hon. Nick Smith MP
  28. The Hon. Judith Collins MP
  29. The Hon. Todd McClay MP
  30. The Hon. Maggie Barry MP
  31. The Hon. Paul Goldsmith MP
  32. The Hon. Louise Upston MP
  33. The Hon. Alfred Ngaro MP
  34. Ministers Outside of Cabinet
  35. The Hon. Nicky Wagner MP
  36. The Hon. Mark Mitchell MP
  37. The Hon. Jacqui Dean MP
  38. The Hon. David Bennett MP
  39. Support Party Ministers
  40. The Hon. Peter Dunne MP
  41. The Hon. Te Ururoa Flavell MP
  42. Former Governors-General
  43. The Hon. Dame Catherine Tizard ONZ GCMG GCVO DBE QSO 1990–1996
  44. The Hon. Sir Michael Hardie Boys GNZM GCMG QSO 1996–2001
  45. The Hon. Dame Silvia Cartwright PCNZM DBE QSO 2001–2006
  46. The Rt. Hon. Sir Anand Satyanand GNZM QSO 2006–2011
  47. Ambassadors and High Commissioners in New Zealand and Chargés d’Affaires accredited to New Zealand.
  48. The Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of New Zealand
  49. Andrew Little MP
  50. Leaders, including co-leaders and joint leaders, of political parties represented in the House of Representatives, other than Ministers of the Crown.
  51. The Rt. Hon. Winston Peters MP PC Leader New Zealand First (1993).
  52. The Hon. Peter Dunne MP Leader United Future (2002)
  53. Metiria Turei (Co-leader) MP Green Party (30 May 2009)
  54. Te Ururoa Flavell MP Co-leader Māori Party (2013)
  55. David Seymour MP Leader ACT New Zealand (4 October 2014)
  56. Marama Fox MP Co-leader Māori Party (1 November 2014)
  57. James Shaw MP (Co-leader) Green Party (30 May 2015)
  58. Members of the New Zealand House of Representatives. There is no established order of precedence over members of parliament in general, although each party has its internal ranking.
  59. Judges of the Supreme Court of New Zealand, the Court of Appeal and the High Court of New Zealand.
  60. Former Prime Ministers, former Speakers of the House of Representatives, former Chief Justices, and members of the Privy Council.
  61. The Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Palmer KCMG (8 August 1989 – 4 September 1990)
  62. The Rt. Hon. Mike Moore ONZ (4 September 1990 – 2 November 1990)
  63. The Rt. Hon. Jim Bolger ONZ (2 November 1990 – 8 December 1997)
  64. The Rt. Hon. Dame Jenny Shipley DNZM (8 December 1997 – 10 December 1999)
  65. The Rt. Hon. Helen Clark ONZ SSI (10 December 1999 – 19 November 2008)
  66. Former Speakers of the House of Representatives
  67. The Rt. Hon. Sir Kerry Burke (15 August 1987 – 27 October 1990)
  68. The Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Gray (27 October 1990 – 6 November 1993)
  69. The Rt. Hon. Sir Doug Kidd KNZM (12 October 1996 – 5 December 1999)
  70. The Rt. Hon. Jonathan Hunt ONZ (5 December 1999 – 3 March 2005)
  71. The Hon. Margaret Wilson DCNZM (3 March 2005 – 8 November 2008)
  72. HE The Rt. Hon. Sir Lockwood Smith KNZM (8 November 2008 – 1 February 2013)
  73. Former Chief Justices
  74. The Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Eichelbaum GBE QC (1 November 1989 – 17 May 1999)
  75. Members of the Privy Council
  76. The Rt. Hon. Sir Duncan McMullin (30 April 1980)
  77. The Rt. Hon. Jonathan Hunt ONZ (1 November 1989)
  78. The Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Hardie Boys (1 November 1989) (former Governor-General, see above)
  79. The Rt. Hon. Sir Don McKinnon ONZ GCVO (8 April 1992)
  80. The Rt. Hon. Sir Bill Birch GNZM (8 April 1992)
  81. The Rt. Hon. Sir Ian Lloyd McKay (8 April 1992)
  82. The Rt. Hon. Sir John Henry KNZM QC (19 November 1996)
  83. The Rt. Hon. Sir Ted Thomas KNZM (19 November 1996)
  84. The Rt. Hon. Winston Peters (24 June 1998)
  85. The Rt. Hon. Sir Doug Graham KNZM (24 June 1998)
  86. The Rt. Hon. Paul East CNZM QC (24 June 1998)
  87. The Rt. Hon. Sir Kenneth Keith ONZ KBE QC (24 June 1998)
  88. The Rt. Hon. Sir Peter Blanchard KNZM (24 June 1998)
  89. The Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew Tipping (24 June 1998)
  90. The Rt. Hon. Wyatt Creech CNZM (24 November 1999)
  91. The Rt. Hon. Dame Sian Elias (24 November 1999) (Current Chief Justice, see above)
  92. The Rt. Hon. Simon Upton (14 December 1999)
  93. Mayors of territorial authorities and chairpersons of regional councils, while in their own cities, districts and regions. In 1989, boroughs and counties were amalgamated into district councils. District mayors, and the Chatham Islands mayor could expect to be accorded this same precedence.
  94. The State Services Commissioner, Chief of Defence Force, Commissioner of Police, and Officers of Parliament (The Controller and Auditor-General, Chief Ombudsman, and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment).
  95. The State Services Commissioner – Iain Rennie (1 July 2008)
  96. Chief of Defence Force – Lieutenant General Tim Keating (31 January 2014)
  97. Commissioner of Police – Mike Bush MNZM (3 April 2014)
  98. Officers of Parliament
  99. The Solicitor-General, Clerk of the House of Representatives, and Clerk of the Executive Council when attending a function involving the exercise of the position’s specific responsibilities.
  100. The Solicitor-General – Michael Heron QC (24 July 2012)
  101. The Clerk of the Parliament of New Zealand – Mary Harris (13 December 2007)
  102. The Clerk of the Executive Council – Michael Webster (18 March 2014)
  103. Chief executives of public service and non-public service departments.
  104. The Vice Chief of Defence Force, and Chiefs of Navy, Army and Air Force, and other statutory office holders.
  105. Chief of Navy – Rear Admiral Jack Steer ONZM (1 December 2012)
  106. Chief of Army – Major General David Gawn MBE (18 April 2011)
  107. Chief of Air Force – Air Commodore Mike Yardley (25 March 2014)
  108. Consuls-General and Consuls of countries without diplomatic representation in New Zealand.
  109. Members of New Zealand and British orders, and holders of decorations and medals in accordance with the Order of Wear in New Zealand.


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