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Nero's Weekend

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Directed by  Steno
Cinematography  Mario Bava
Director  Steno
5.8/10 IMDb

Produced by  Franco Cristaldi
Initial release  13 September 1956 (Italy)
Initial DVD release  3 November 2004 (Italy)
Nero's Weekend httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen665Ner
Written by  Stefano Vanzina, Alberto Sordi, Rodolfo Sonego, Sandro Continenza
Starring  Alberto Sordi Vittorio De Sica Gloria Swanson Brigitte Bardot
Music by  Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Music director  Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Screenplay  Steno, Sandro Continenza, Rodolfo Sonego, Diego Fabbri, Ugo Guerra
Cast  Brigitte Bardot, Alberto Sordi, Vittorio De Sica, Gloria Swanson, Giorgia Moll
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Mio figlio Nerone (literally: My Son Nero), released in the US as Nero's Mistress is a 1956 Italian historical comedy film directed by Steno and starring Alberto Sordi, Vittorio De Sica, Gloria Swanson and Brigitte Bardot. It depicts a visit by the Roman Emperor Nero and his entourage to a coastal villa.


The US dub, released in 1962, was recut to a substantially different film, shifting the emphasis from Agrippina to Poppaea (as the title reflects).


The young emperor Nero proves himself spoiled, childish and unable to cope with the government of Rome. The domineering mother Agrippina and the wise philosopher Seneca try to make change the personality of the emperor, but nothing can makes Nero is a wise and honorable regent. Agrippina then take advantage of a poetic and theatrical failure of Nero to kill him and take over the government of Rome. Seneca initially supported the woman, but then a double game and Nero warns about the conspiracy. Agrippina, smart, lays the blame on the Christians and of Seneca, who could be sentenced to death. However Nero easily deceived again and proved magnanimous, forgiving all.
The trouble starts at court for the umpteenth time when Nero finds out that Seneca had lied about the "poetic art" of the emperor, saying to the people that Nero sings and performs worse than a stupid monkey ...


  • Alberto Sordi - Nero
  • Vittorio De Sica - Seneca
  • Gloria Swanson - Agrippina
  • Brigitte Bardot - Poppaea
  • Ciccio Barbi - Anicetus
  • Mario Carotenuto - Creperius
  • Mino Doro - Corbulo
  • Enzo Furlai - Segimerus
  • Agnese Dubbini - Ugolilla
  • Georgia Moll - Lydia
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