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Naomi Pierce

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Name  Naomi Pierce
Siblings  Tomi Pierce
Role  Professor
Grandparents  Ura Ishizaka
Spouse  Andrew Berry
Nephews  Denman Yojiro Carlston
Parents  Rui Ishizaka

Naomi Pierce Naomi Pierce Naomi Pierce Lab

Similar People  Corrie Moreau, Andrew Berry, E O Wilson, R J Berry

Naomi E. Pierce (born 1954) is the Hessel Professor of Biology at Harvard University and the world authority on butterflies. Pierce is the university's Curator of Lepidoptera, a position once held by Vladimir Nabokov.

Naomi Pierce Naomi Pierce Naomi Pierce Lab

Pierce studies the relationship between butterfly larvae and ants, as well as the genetic trends within the species, in order to understand the process of evolution.

Naomi Pierce Wonders of attraction Harvard Gazette

Pierce and collaborators Corrie Moreau and Charles D. Bell were the first to establish the origin of ants at 140 to 168 million years ago using molecular sequence data, 40 million years older than previous estimates.

Naomi Pierce Fellow Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University


Naomi Pierce Media Information Naomi Pierce Lab

Pierce earned her BSc in Biology at Yale (1972–76) and her Ph.D. in Biology at Harvard (1977–83).

From 1984-86 she was Research Lecturer at Christ Church, Oxford and a NATO Research Fellow at Oxford's Department of Zoology.

In 1986 she moved to Princeton as Assistant (86-89) and Associate (89-90) Professor of Biology, and in 1991 was appointed Hessel Professor and Curator of Lepidoptera.


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