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Nageeb al Hadi

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Nageeb al-Hadi

Nageeb al-Hadi Arrests for Nageeb alHadi on 911 and JFK LaGuardia Hijackers on

A Yemeni, Nageeb Abdul Jabar Mohamed al-Hadi was arrested on September 11, 2001 by Canadian police at the request of American authorities who accused him of immigration violations and suggested he was "under investigation for possible links to the [ September 11 attacks ]", and requested his extradition.


al-Hadi was flying from Yemen via Frankfurt, Germany to Chicago, Illinois on 11 September, but his plane was diverted to Pearson Airport in Toronto following the morning's attacks. His wife and three children lived in the Detroit area. He was alleged to be in possession of three passports, a pair of sales uniforms from his job with Lufthansa Airlines., as well as a piece of paper containing "cryptic writing". Which was later determined to be a tag from a laundry.

He was arrested and placed in solitary confinement for the next three weeks, as lawyer Gary Batasar petitioned to have him released on bail terms.


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