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NGC 1931

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Right ascension  5 31
Distance  ~7000 ly
Magnitude  10.1
Apparent magnitude (V)  10.1
Declination  +34° 15′
Apparent dimensions (V)  3′
Constellation  Auriga
NGC 1931 NGC 7023
Similar  NGC 1907, IC 405, NGC 1579, NGC 1893, NGC 1555

NGC 1931, found in the constellation Auriga has been referred to as a "miniature version of the Orion Nebula", as it shares some of the same characteristics. It is a mixed emission-reflection nebula, and contains a smaller version of the Trapezium in its hot young star cluster centered in the emission nebula. The entire cluster/nebula complex is only about 3 arcmin in size. The distance from earth is estimated at about 7000 light years.

NGC 1931 NGC 1931

The nebula is Sharpless catalog Sh 2-237.

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