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Name  Natalya Shevlyakova
N.A.T.o. (singer) httpsiytimgcomviV4LPwIdu4ZMhqdefaultjpg

n.A.T.o. is the stage name of Natalya Shevlyakova (Russian: Наталья Шевлякова), a Russian singer of Russian and Georgian origin. She is known for dressing in traditional Arab style, with a veil or hijab, and singing in the Tajik, Persian and Uzbek languages. Her concert performances started in 2004 in Moscow, on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, in a concert with a "terrorist" theme. Her performing career was developed by Russian producer Ivan Shapovalov and she was last seen performing in Germany in May 2005. Her songs often express anti-war themes. One of her most famous anti-war pieces is Chor Javon, (Chorzhavon) originally composed by famous Tajik singer Muboraksho Mirzoshoyev.


  1. Чоржавон (Chorzhavon) - 03:40
  2. Бе Умиде (Be Umide) - 03:43
  3. Ратминда (Ratminda) - 02:39
  4. Нолои (Noloi) - 04:04
  5. Ветер Моря (Veter Morya) - 04:06
  6. Джуни Ман (Dzhuni Man) - 03:30
  7. Чаки (Chaki) - 03:07
  8. Твалеби (Tvalebi) - 04:57
  9. Хиду (Hidu) - 03:06
  10. Чоржавон (Chorzhavon) (JS16Mix) - 03:43


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