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Myxoid liposarcoma

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ICD-O  8852/3
MeSH  D018208
OMIM  613488
Myxoid liposarcoma

A myxoid liposarcoma is a malignant adipose tissue neoplasm of myxoid appearance histologically.

Myxoid liposarcomas are the second most common type of liposarcoma, representing 30%–40% of all liposarcomas in the limbs; occurring most commonly in the legs, particularly the thigh, followed by the buttocks, retroperitoneum, trunk, ankle, proximal limb girdle, head and neck, and wrist. They occur in the intermuscular fascial planes or deep-seated areas. They present as a large, slow-growing, painless mass.

They are associated with a fusion between DDIT3 or "CHOP" (at 12q13.1-q13.2) and FUS or "TLS" (at 16p11.2) or EWS (at 22q12.2). The specific translocation of FUS-DDIT3 is t(12;16)(q13;p11).


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