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Muhammad (Bavandid ruler)

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Name  Muhammad Muhammad
Muhammad (Bavandid ruler)

Muhammad of Tabaristan (Persian: محمد) was the ruler of the Bavand dynasty from 1249 to 1271. He was the son and successor of Ardashir II of Tabaristan.


Muhammad had close relations with his ally the Paduspanid Shahragim, and even married his daughter. During the reign of the Ilkhanid Abaqa Khan, Muhammad and Shahrigam were ordered to aid the Ilkhanids in their siege of fortress of Gerdkuh, which was held by the Ismailites. Muhammad and Shahragim disobeyed, however. Abaqa Khan responded by invading Mazandaran. The two kings were then forgiven. Muhammad then joined the armies of the Ilkhanid, but was shortly arrested because of his recklessness. After hearing about Muhammad's imprisonment, Shahragim revolted against Abaqa, which resulted in the execution of Muhammad, who was succeeded by his brother Ali II of Tabaristan.


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