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Mucor racemosus

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Kingdom  Fungi
Genus  Mucor
Phylum  Zygomycota
Rank  Species
Subclass  Incertae sedis
Family  Mucoraceae
Scientific name  Mucor racemosus
Higher classification  Mucor
Order  Mucorales
Mucor racemosus bacterias
Similar  Mucor, Mucor circinelloides, Mucor mucedo, Cladosporium herbarum, Black bread mold

Mucor racemosus is a fungal plant pathogen.

It has been known to cause allergic reactions among some people (e.g. mucormycosis). The fungus has been isolated in the soft cheese Camembert. M. racemosus was discovered and isolated in 1886.

Mucor racemosus Soft Rot of Tomato Caused by Mucor racemosus in Korea

Alternative medicine

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It has been considered to be a possible cause of cancer in alternative medicine. G√ľnther Enderlein considered the fungi to be part of microbial cycle in all people instead of just sick people. Wilhelm von Brehmer expanded the theory further in his work, and formulated a related theory of cancer. Their theories were defamed and suppressed by the Nazis during the 1930s and 1940s.

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