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Mu Aquarii

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Magnitude  4.73
Constellation  Aquarius
Mu Aquarii
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Mu Aquarii (μ Aqr, μ Aquarii) is the Bayer designation for a binary star in the equatorial constellation of Aquarius. It is visible to the naked eye with an apparent magnitude of 4.7. Based upon parallax measurements, the distance to this system is about 157 light-years (48 parsecs). Mu Aquarii is a spectroscopic binary system with an orbital period of 1,566 days and an eccentricity of 0.23. The combined spectrum matches a stellar classification of A3m, with the 'm' suffix indicating that this is an Am, or chemically peculiar star.

This star system shares the traditional name Albulaan with ν Aquarii. The name derives from an Arabic term al-bulacān (ألبولعان) meaning "the two swallowers". This star, along with ε Aqr (Albali) and ν Aqr (Albulaan), were al Bulaʽ (البلع), the Swallower. In Chinese, 奎宿 (Nǚ Sù), meaning Girl (asterism) (or Woman), refers to an asterism consisting of μ Aquarii, ε Aquarii, 4 Aquarii, 5 Aquarii and 3 Aquarii. Consequently, μ Aquarii itself is known as 女宿二 (Nǚ Sù èr, English: the Second Star of Girl / Woman.)


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