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Moses H W Chan

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Nationality  United States
Doctoral advisor  John Reppy

Name  Moses W.
Notable students  Eunseong Kim
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Born  November 23, 1946 Xi-an, China (1946-11-23)
Alma mater  Bridgewater College(BSC), Cornell University(Ph.D.)
Known for  Research in Low temperature physics, on solid 4He.
Notable awards  Fritz London Memorial Prize(1996)
Education  Cornell University (1974), Bridgewater College (1967)
Awards  Guggenheim Fellowship for Natural Sciences, US & Canada
Fields  Condensed matter physics, Cryogenics

Institutions  Penn State University
Residence  United States of America

Moses Hung-Wai Chan (陳鴻渭) is a physics professor at Penn State University, where he holds the rank of Evan Pugh Professor. He is an alumnus of Bridgewater College and Cornell University, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1974 and was a Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University. He has been a professor at Penn State's University Park Campus since 1979.

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Through the years, professor Chan's work has spanned many diverse topics. For his numerous contributions to low temperature physics, in 1996 he shared the prestigious Fritz London Memorial prize with Carl Wieman and Eric A. Cornell. He was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 2000, and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2004.

Professor Chan is known for the experimental discovery of evidence for a new supersolid quantum state of matter, predicted theoretically in 1969 by Alexander Andreev and Ilya Liftshitz, and its subsequent refutation. Other significant discoveries include the experimental observation of Critical Casimir effect and the experimental confirmation of 2D Ising model.


Moses H. W. Chan Wikipedia