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Moldova-Film (Romanian: Moldova-film, Russian: Молдова-филм) is a Moldovan film studio and production company founded in 1952 in the Moldavian SSR.


Moldova-Film was founded in 1947 in Chişinău as a branch of the Central Studio for Documentary Film. In 1949 the branch was taken over by the Odessa Film Studio and in 1952 became an independent film studio as the Moldovan Newsreel Documentary Studio. In 1957 the studio was reorganized and renamed into Moldovan Studio for Feature and Newsreel Documentary Studio, or Moldova-Film.

The first director became V. Sevelev. January 24, 1957 the branch was transformed into a studio of artistic and documentary movies and was called "Moldova-Film". During Soviet times, five artistic units made part of the company: "Arta", "Lumina", "Luceafarul", "Panorama", "Steluta", producing every year up to 6 long play movies (three of which under order of the Central Television), 4 cartoons, 25 documentaries and 20 scientific and educational films, as well 12 issues of cinema magazine "Soviet Moldavia" and 6 copies of humoristic magazine "Usturich".


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