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Mohamed Salamah

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Name  Mohamed Salamah

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Mohamed Salamah (1888 – 1982) was a student at Al-Azhar University who became a Qur'anic reciter at a young age. He fought in the rebellion against the British in 1919.

He is the only prominent reciter to refuse to record for radio. One of the reasons for this refusal was the latter's failure to comply with certain conditions set by him, such as not having the Quran broadcast into the streets and cafes and not having the female announcer present in the same room while he was recording.

He participated in a conference of reciters in 1937 which resulted in the establishment of a Reciters' Association. The issue at stake was that some reciters were afraid that broadcasting recitation would harm the less prominent reciters, and that as a consequence their services would be less in demand.

In performance he was restrained in his gestures, ignoring the admiring comments. He was even noted to turn away from those wanting to kiss his hand in appreciation. When another reciter was performing, he would listen intently with his bowed. He was the acknowledged mentor of Kamil Yusuf Al-Bahtimi and Mohamed Siddiq El-Minshawi, both of whom lived in his house for a period of time and went on to become widely respected reciters. Salamah was a teacher of several prominent reciters, such as Ali Mahmood, Sayyid Darweesh, and Zakariyya Ahmad. He is also respected in that he was able to recite at a very old age - having lived to almost a hundred years of age, he recited with great sophistication well past the age at which many reciters were unable to recite with any real attainment.

Salamah is unknown in wider society, yet, within the circles of Quranic recitation, he is respected.


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