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Moby Duck (film)

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Moby Duck (film) Moby Duck (film)

Moby Duck is a 1965 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert McKimson featuring stars Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales, and Robinson Crusoe.


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Starting the episode with a glimpse of what was Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzaless ship, it is revealed that the ship crashed into some sharp rocks. Nearby on a desert island, Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales are found on the island with a small flag in sign of help. Daffy begins complaining about how there is "No food, no nothin." Speedy tries to console Daffy by telling him he is with him, but Daffy does not care, and tells him he is good for nothing. Pacing, Daffy worries about how they need food. After pacing for a while, Daffy spots a box filled with canned goodies, such as ham, turkey, corn beef hash, and potato salad. As Speedy celebrates, Daffy claims the food to himself, not offering Speedy the smallest things, such as a piece of cheese or even one little crumb. Daffy chases Speedy away with small rocks and boulders. Realizing that everything is in cans, Daffy searches for a can opener. Speedy happens to have a can opener, and Daffy becomes excited and goes over to claim it to start the feast. Speedy runs away, and tells Daffy that he can have the can opener if he can have some of the food. Daffy denies the deal, and tells Speedy that he can open them himself. Daffy calls Speedy a "Selfish Mouse" under his breath.

Resorting to smashing a rock on the can in attempt to open the can, Speedy offers to talk about the trade. Now jumping on the can, Daffy snarls in response that he does not want to talk. Panting, he reaches for a baseball bat-shaped rock and chases Speedy, trying to hit him to the ground. With the usual burst of speed, Speedy takes off, leaving Daffy behind, exhausted.

In another attempt to break open the can, Daffy places it under a cliff and begins pushing a boulder near the end of the cliff. Right before Daffy knocks the boulder off, Speedy runs under and thanks Daffy for the "Gift" of the can. Just as he pushes the boulder off, Daffy runs down trying to get the can back from Speedy. He is successful, but the boulder falls on top of Daffy, flattening him.

Daffy becomes worried about not knowing how to open the cans of food, and Speedy states he is open to trade. Daffy refuses, and claims he will starve first. But he worries that if he does not do something drastic, he will indeed starve. Just to Daffys luck, he spots an ax laying on the end of the island. As he prepares to chop the can, the sharp part of the ax flies off from behind him, splashing into the ocean. Frustrated, Daffy bangs the shaft of the ax against the can.

Once again, Speedy offers to reconsider the trade. Daffy refuses, and chases Speedy again with a baseball bat-shaped rock, but does not succeed.

Pacing, Daffy finds a Spearhead shark. Daffy ties the can to his behind, and taunts the shark into charging into the can. Daffy states that he can almost saver the goodness, but at the wrong moment, the rope unties, leaving Daffys behind to the shark. In a quick attempt to outrun the shark, Daffy runs up a tree, shark following. At the top, Daffy gets jabbed, screaming with a trail of feathers following him from outside of the tree.

Miserable, Daffy ties up his jabbed behind with bandages as Speedy comes up to Daffy with the can opener. Back to his old self, Daffy snatches the can opener and does not change his mind about sharing the food. Speedy still gets nothing, "Nuethyon" as Daffy spells it. Satisfied, Daffy searches for the box of food he found. Soon he realizes that the High Tide had set in, leaving the rock with the food far out in the ocean. Daffy goes in, realizing that he is a duck, and he can go in water without hurting him. After a few steps, four sharks start circling him, eliminating his chance of getting the food. Running on top of the water, Daffy safely gets back to the island. Daffy collapses and begins crying how first he had food but no can opener, now having a can opener and no food. Quickly, Daffy overhears Speedy talking to Robinson Crusoe about how nice it was of him to take Speedy out to Fridays Restaurant on a Saturday Night. Daffy, overjoyed, follows the two to the building, but turns and swims into the sunset, after realizing that the Menu Special was pressed duck.


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