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MoMA Eve

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The MoMA Eve was a handheld gaming console presented by Via in 2004. It was supposed to play PC games as well as games designed for it. The player would have had to purchase a SIM Card to play purchased games on it. The buttons look like the buttons on an average video game controller with a D-pad on the left, four action buttons on the right, one Start button in the middle, and two analog sticks. It had a 533 MHz processor, a 20GB hard drive for games and movies, Wi-Fi, and a CF slot. It also had TV-OUT. The system was never released and is considered vaporware.


These are the specs according to a ExtremeTech article.

  • CPU: 533-MHz Eden-N
  • FSB: 133-MHZ
  • Video card: 200-MHz S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro IGP
  • RAM: 128MB DDR266 SDRAM
  • Hard drive: 20GB
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