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Mitsutoshi Furuya

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Name  Mitsutoshi Furuya
Role  Artist
TV shows  Dame Oyaji

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Books  Basic Buddhism Through Comics

Mitsutoshi Furuya (古谷三敏, Furuya Mitsutoshi, born 11 August 1936) is a Japanese manga artist. He made his debut as a manga artist in 1955 with kashi-hon manga. He started as an assistant of Osamu Tezuka in 1958, but is primarily known for starting out as an assistant of Fujio Akatsuka five years later. He is best known for his series Dame Oyaji ("No-Good Dad", 1970–1982), which gained notoriety by giving a darkly humorous send-up of Japanese family life with a meek, pathetic father married to a cruel and savage wife. The series received the 1979 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen, was adapted into a movie in 1973 and as an anime television series in 1974.

Mitsutoshi Furuya Basic Buddhism Through Comics by Mitsutoshi Furuya

Selected works

Mitsutoshi Furuya Basic Buddhism Through Comics Mitsutoshi Furuya 9780984204403
  • Dame Oyaji (ダメおやじ) (1970–1982, Shōnen Sunday) (39 volumes)
  • Mandamu Oyako (マンダム親子) (1971–72, Shōnen King) (6 volumes)
  • Dotekabo-chan (ドテかぼちゃん) (1972, Shōnen King) (6 volumes)
  • Dokudami Sensei (どくだみ先生) (1973–74, Shōnen Champion) (5 volumes)
  • Bar Lemon Heart (BARレモンハート) (1985-, Weekly Manga Action) (19 volumes)
  • Papasan (パパさん) (2 volumes)
  • Obaachan no Daidokoro-hiden (おばあちゃんの台所秘伝, "Granny's Kitchen-secrets") (1 volume)
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