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Mister X (band)

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Years active  2003–present
Past members  Former members
Origin  Grodno, Belarus
Mister X (band) httpsiytimgcomviSNrxJU6YPQQhqdefaultjpg
Members  "BanCar" (Igor Bantser) "SlepOi!" "Pashtet" "MalOi!"
Albums  Anti..., A.C.A.B., Unreleased - 2010, Punx & Skins Unite & Win (Demo EP)
Genres  Street punk, Oi!, Hardcore punk
Record labels  Street Influence, No Pasaran Records

Mister X are a Belarusian street punk band formed in Grodno, West Belarus, in 2003 by Igor Bantser (Игорь Банцер) and Boris of Oi! Bombers. They openly identify as SHARP and belong to the small, but healthy and growing anti-racist skinhead scene in Belarus. They are well-known on the underground punk scene in Poland, where they have numerous times been referred to as "the most well-known Belarusian punk rock band" and "the flagship of Belarusian street punk", though they frequently tour other parts of Eastern Europe as well (Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, among other countries) and have played in Western Europe too. Although most of their work is in Russian, they are also known for singing in Polish, Belarusian, and occasionally English – almost all of their digitally released albums are annotated in Russian, Polish, and English. Their frontman and founder Igor Bantser is of Polish descent. Mister X prides itself in being the first Oi! band in Belarus; their inspirations are: The Analogs (whose songs they have covered in the past), The Business, Oxymoron, The Oppressed, Cock Sparrer, Last Resort, and many more.


As a group they claim to be apolitical and the lyrics of their songs are generally quite subcultural in nature - about having fun, being honest and living life accordingly to your ideals - but all members are committed to anti-fascism and some of them take part in various sports or anarchist initiatives during their free time. They also have a zero tolerance attitude towards racism and recognise the diverse roots of their musical genre. Although Mister X's self-proclaimed apolitical stance initially led to them to being somewhat ostracised on the then highly politicised Belarusian punk scene, it has not stopped them from garnering an international following of fans in the years following the band's creation, despite of difficulties with the country's regime and travelling. One of their gigs in Ryazan was broken up by the Russian law enforcement under false accusation of drug use, which later lead to several cases of police brutality and torture on numerous members of the audience.

Current members

  • "BanCar" (Igor Bantser) – vocals
  • "SlepOi!" – guitar, backing vocals
  • "Pashtet" – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • "MalOi!" – drums
  • Former members

  • "Sok" – guitar
  • "Siniy" – drums
  • "Burik" – bass guitar
  • Discography

  • Punx & Skins Unite & Win (Demo EP) (2005)
  • A.C.A.B. (2007)
  • Unreleased (2010)
  • Anti... Anti... Anti... (2011)
  • Не отступай никогда (Never give up / Nie poddawaj się nigdy) (2011)
  • ...какими мы стали (Who did we become / Jakimi się staliśmy) (2013)
  • До самого конца (Till the end / Do samego końca) (2016)
  • Songs

    Это серьезно2010
    Punx & SkinsPunx & Skins Unite & Win (Demo EP) · 2005


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