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Mission Buenaventura class transport oiler

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Operators  United States Navy
In commission  1944–1980
Type  Type T2-SE-A2 tanker
Built  1943–1945
Completed  27
Mission Buenaventura-class transport oiler
Builders  Marinship, Sausalito, California

The Mission Buenaventura class was a class of transport oilers in World War II. Each of the ships was named after a mission or settlement along the El Camino Real in California, the sole exception being Mission Loreto, named for a settlement in Baja California Sur. When Mission Santa Ynez was scrapped in 2010 she was the last of the over 500 T2 tankers built during the war. The following ships were Mission Buenaventura class oilers:

  • Mission Buenaventura (T-AO-111)
  • Mission Capistrano (T-AO-112)
  • Mission Carmel (T-AO-113)
  • Mission De Pala (T-AO-114)
  • Mission Dolores (T-AO-115)
  • Mission Loreto (T-AO-116)
  • Mission Los Angeles (T-AO-117)
  • Mission Purisima (T-AO-118)
  • Mission San Antonio (T-AO-119)
  • Mission San Carlos (T-AO-120)
  • Mission San Diego (T-AO-121)
  • Mission San Fernando (T-AO-122)
  • Mission San Francisco (T-AO-123)
  • Mission San Gabriel (T-AO-124)
  • Mission San Jose (T-AO-125)
  • Mission San Juan (T-AO-126)
  • Mission San Luis Obispo (T-AO-127)
  • Mission San Luis Rey (T-AO-128)
  • Mission San Miguel (T-AO-129)
  • Mission San Rafael (T-AO-130)
  • Mission Santa Barbara (T-AO-131)
  • Mission Santa Clara (T-AO-132)
  • Mission Santa Cruz (T-AO-133)
  • Mission Santa Ynez (T-AO-134)
  • Mission Solano (T-AO-135)
  • Mission Soledad (T-AO-136)
  • Mission Santa Ana (T-AO-137)
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