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Mirza Abu Bakr Dughlat

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Parents  Saniz Mirza
Mirza Abu Bakr Dughlat

Mirza Abu Bakr Dughlat (died after 1514) was a ruler in eastern Central Asia, an amir of the Dughlat tribe. In the middle of the fifteenth century, in 1465, he founded in Western Kashgaria a kingdom based at Yarkand, a fragment of Moghulistan. It included Khotan and Kashgar; he took Kashgar in 1480. He was the son of Saniz Mirza, son of Mir Sayyid Ali, the latter was amir in Kashgar who regained control of the city by Dughlat dynasty, having expelled Timurid local ruler in 1435.

He successfully resisted the attacks of Yunus Khan, against whom he had rebelled in 1479-80. Ahmad Alaq, son of Yunus Khan, took Kashgar from him in 1499, but could not hold it. Sultan Said Khan took Kashgar from him, in 1514; in danger of losing Yarkand and Khotan as well, he gave the government to his eldest son Jahangir Mirza, and fled to Ladakh.

His deeds are recorded in the Tarikh-i-Rashidi, which was written by his nephew, Mirza Muhammad Haidar.


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