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Mirliva أمير لواء  Major general
Mülâzım-ı Evvel ملازم أول  First lieutenant
Onbaşı أونباشي  Corporal
Yüzbaşı يوزباشي  Captain
Mülâzım-ı Sani ملازم ثاني  Second lieutenant
Nefer نفر  Private

Mirliva or Mîr-i livâ was a military rank of the Ottoman Army and Navy. It corresponds to a Major General (modern Turkish: Tümgeneral) in the modern Turkish Army. Mirliva is a compound word composed of Mir (commander) and Liva (or Liwa, brigade in Arabic). The rank was junior to the Ferik (Lieutenant General) and superior to the rank Miralay (Senior Colonel) in the Ottoman Army and the pre-1934 Turkish Army.

Mirliva was the most junior general rank with the title Pasha.

The collar mark (later shoulder mark) and cap of a Mirliva had three stripes and one star during the early years of the Turkish Republic. The Ottoman Army and pre-1934 Turkish Army had three general ranks (similar to the British ranking system), while the current Turkish Army has four general ranks (similar to the American ranking system), with the inclusion of Brigadier General (Tuğgeneral) as the fourth and most junior general rank.

The title and rank of Mirliva was abolished with Act No. 2590 of 26 November 1934 on the Abolition of Titles and Appellations such as Efendi, Bey or Pasha.


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