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Mirage (British band)

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Active until  1997
Members  Peter Bardens
Active from  1994
Genres  Prog rock, Rock
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Albums  Live - Germany - 1996, Live 14th December 1994
Similar  Andy Ward, Ken Filiano, Richard Thompson, Sam Newsome, Ismael Dueñas

Mirage were a progressive rock offshoot from Camel in the 1990s.

The band was formed by drummer Andy Ward and keyboardist Peter Bardens, both former members of Camel, having last been together in the band in 1977. Also in the original line-up were guitarist Steve Adams (who had been working previously with Bardens) and bassist Rick Biddulph (who had been in Caravan of Dreams with Ward). Richard Sinclair, former Camel and Caravan member was originally asked to join on bass, but declined.

Camel had historical links with the band Caravan, notably in that Richard Sinclair and his cousin Dave Sinclair had both been in Caravan and then later Camel. The decision was taken to expand Mirage into a Camel/Caravan supergroup with the addition of Dave Sinclair and Jimmy Hastings (Brother of Pye Hastings and another former Caravan member, he had also guested on Camel's album Mirage). A tour was planned with Caravan lead vocalist Pye Hastings to join the band for old Caravan numbers only. Rehearsals started in November 1994 and touring continued to the end of the year, but Dave Sinclair, Jimmy Hastings and Pye Hastings then left. A live double album, Mirage Live 14.12.94, was released in 1995 (mainly including old Camel and Caravan numbers and several post-Camel pieces by Bardens), but plans for a studio album never materialised and the remaining quartet dissolved.

Bardens and Adams re-launched the band in the U.S. in 1995 as 'Pete Bardens' Mirage'. With Desha Dunnahoe (bass, keyboards, flute, vocals) and Nick D'Virgilio (drums), the band recorded a piece for a Genesis tribute album, Supper's Ready (Magna Carta Records). The band toured in late 1995 and early 1996, but with a new drummer, Dave Cohen (who had previously worked with Richard Sinclair). The band's set mixed Camel numbers and material from Bardens' solo career. Another live double album, Speed of Light - Live, was released in 1997, but again plans for a studio album never materialised and the band broke up that year. Biddulph, Dunnahoe and Cohen briefly continued under the name Hush.


Lubaja Moja
Früh war der Tag erwachtDie Vergessenen · 2015
L'évolution segaLe meilleur de Mirage · 2002


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