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Mirada de Mujer (telenovela)

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Genre  Telenovela
Music by  Armando Manzanero
Number of episodes  260
Program creator  Jimena Romero
Cast  Bárbara Mori, Ari Telch
8.4/10 IMDb

Directed by  Antonio Serrano
First episode date  1997
Network  ABS-CBN
Director  Antonio Serrano
Mirada de Mujer (telenovela) Mirada de mujer Telenovela
Created by  Bernando Romero Jimena Romero
Written by  Bernardo Romero Pereiro Mónica Agudelo
Starring  Angélica Aragón Ari Telch
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Mirada de mujer capitulo 1

Mirada de mujer (English: The Gaze of a Woman) is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcast on TV Azteca in 1997, based in the Colombian telenovela of 1994 " Señora Isabel". It is considered one of the best Telenovelas in the history of the television industry in Mexico. It came a year after TV Azteca's first telenovela, Nada personal and was the first telenovela in that TV station for its five mayor stars, who had been working for the rival station, Televisa, prior to this production. In 2003 the sequel for this telenovela Mirada de mujer: El Regreso was produced.


In addition to enjoying wide viewership in Latin America, it was also broadcast in countries like Afghanistan and Israel and Eastern Europe. In India, it was shown by Sahara TV, dubbed in Hindi, under the title of Maria.

Mirada de Mujer (telenovela) Se retransmitir la telenovela quotMirada de Mujerquot en Mxico Telemundo

Mirada de mujer


Mirada de Mujer (telenovela) Mirada De Mujer

A woman stops in front of a mirror, she questions herself, inquires into the traces that her eyes have become, and what she sees paralyzes her. The reflex on the crystal tells her of a story full of dreams, full of promises, children and prosperity, but empty of passion. It's the Story of Maria Ines, a woman in her 50's, her husband, his mistress 20-years-younger, her three adult children and a man 20 years younger, who'll help her discover that there is love and life after turning 50.

Mirada de Mujer (telenovela) Mentira Mirada de Mujer El Regreso Gilberto Santa Rosa YouTube

That woman is Maria Ines. Nothing of what has occurred in her twenty seven years of marriage was moved by her own dreams. Her entire life has been one of dedication to her husband and children. She is fifty and her husband has found in another woman, half his age, freshness and intimacy. To his mistress he gives the vitality he thought was lost, to his wife tiredness and failure. That man is Ignacio San Millan. Maria Ines look at her present and discovers loneliness, although Paulina, her best friend encourages her to keep on living. She is surrounded by complaining grown ups (her children) and a mother that tells her she has not been capable of keeping her family together. She is Mama Lena. But Maria Ines is not alone. Someone starts looking for her. A man who is twenty years younger. This man is Alejandro. Writer, father of a boy, with an enormous desire to plat life a treat, Alejandro is a man that fights for his emotions and his work against hypocrisy, falsehood or prohibition.

But Maria Ines is not alone in her self-discovery journey. Her best friend, the feisty and maneater Paulina, will also start to question her life and the decisions she made along the way.

To make matters worse, her three children blame her for the break-up of the marriage of hers and their father, but Life will soon show them the truth.

This is "Mirada de Mujer". An intimate story that none of us had the opportunity to view "through the keyhole". "Mirada de Mujer" is different, of the present time, its unbearable as only a mirror can be.

Theme Song

The telenovela also gave rise to the song Dime written by Armado Manzanero, and sung by Aranza, which became a great hit in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central America, and which peaked at #22 in the U.S. Hot Latin Songs Chart. To this date the song is considered a classic, and arguably one of the most important songs to come out of a telenovela, not only for its beautiful melody but also for its profound lyrics that fit the story perfectly.

The Philippine-dubbed airing however, had a different theme song, "Bakit" performed by Rachelle Ann Go.


Angélica Aragón as María Inés Domínguez de San Millán Ari Telch as Alejandro Salas Fernando Luján as Lic. Ignacio San Millán Margarita Gralia as Paulina Evangelina Elizondo as Doña Emilia Elena viuda de Domínguez 'Mamá Elena' Verónica Langer as Rosario María Renée Prudencioas Adriana San Millán Bárbara Mori as Mónica San Millán Plutarco Haza as Andrés San Millán René Gatica as Francisco Muriel Fouilland as Ivana Álvaro Carcaño Jr as Nicolás Olmo Araiza as Alex Salas Carlos Torres Torrijaas Marcos Paloma Woolrich as Consuelo Carmen Madrid as Marcela Martha Mariana Castro as Daniela Mariana Peñalva as Andrea Víctor González as Fernando Alma Rosa Añorve as Gloria Enrique Singer as Enrique Dora Montero as Elvia Ana Graham as Marina Miguel Couturier as Augusto Guadalupe Noel as Doña Felisa (1997-1998)


Mirada de Mujer (telenovela) Wikipedia

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