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Mirabilis (plant)

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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Nyctagineae
Higher classification  Nyctaginaceae
Order  Caryophyllales
Family  Nyctaginaceae
Scientific name  Mirabilis
Rank  Genus
Mirabilis (plant) Australian Seed MIRABILIS Four O39clock
Lower classifications  Marvel‑of‑peru, Mirabilis multiflora, Mirabilis longiflora, Mirabilis nyctaginea, Mirabilis expansa

Mirabilis is a genus of plants in the family Nyctaginaceae known as the four-o'clocks or umbrellaworts. The best known species may be Mirabilis jalapa, the plant most commonly called four o'clock.

Mirabilis (plant) Mirabilis jalapa

There are several dozen species in the genus, of herbaceous plants, mostly found in the Americas. Some form tuberous roots that enable them to perennate through dry and cool seasons. They have small, deep-throated flowers, often fragrant.

Mirabilis (plant) SEINet Arizona Chapter Mirabilis linearis var decipiens

Although best known as ornamental plants, at least one species, mauka (M. expansa), is grown for food.

Selected species

Mirabilis (plant) Mirabilis jalapa four o39clock umbrellawort Go Botany
  • Mirabilis albida (Walter) Heimerl
  • Mirabilis alipes (S.Watson) Pilz
  • Mirabilis coccinea (Torr.) Benth. & Hook.f.
  • Mirabilis expansa (Ruiz & Pav.) Standl.
  • Mirabilis greenei S.Watson
  • Mirabilis himalaica (Edgew.) Heimerl
  • Mirabilis himalaica var. chinensis Heimerl
  • Mirabilis himalaica var. himalaica
  • Mirabilis jalapa L.
  • Mirabilis laevis (Benth.) Curran
  • Mirabilis laevis var. crassifolia (Choisy) Spellenb.
  • Mirabilis laevis var. laevis
  • Mirabilis laevis var. retrorsa (A.Heller) Jeps.
  • Mirabilis laevis var. villosa (Kellogg) Spellenb.
  • Mirabilis linearis (Pursh) Heimerl
  • Mirabilis linearis var. decipiens (Standl.) S.L.Welsh
  • Mirabilis linearis var. linearis
  • Mirabilis linearis var. subhispida (Heimerl) Spellenb.
  • Mirabilis longiflora L.
  • Mirabilis macfarlanei Constance & Rollins
  • Mirabilis multiflora (Torr.) A.Gray
  • Mirabilis nyctaginea (Michx.) MacMill.
  • Mirabilis oblongifolia
  • Mirabilis oxybaphoides (A.Gray) A.Gray
  • Mirabilis pumila
  • Mirabilis rotundifolia (Greene) Standl.
  • Mirabilis tenuiloba
  • Mirabilis viscosa Cav.

  • Mirabilis (plant) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
    Mirabilis (plant) Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness Mirabilis longiflora
    Mirabilis (plant) Mirabilis jalapa a true night flower


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