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Mir 124 microRNA precursor family

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Symbol  mir-124
miRBase  MI0000443
RNA type  Gene; miRNA
Rfam  RF00239
miRBase family  MIPF0000021
Domain(s)  Eukaryota
Mir-124 microRNA precursor family

The miR-124 microRNA precursor is a small non-coding RNA molecule that has been identified in flies (MI0000373), nematode worms (MI0000302), mouse (MI0000150) and human (MI0000443). The mature ~21 nucleotide microRNAs are processed from hairpin precursor sequences by the Dicer enzyme, and in this case originates from the 3' arm. miR-124 has been found to be the most abundant microRNA expressed in neuronal cells. Experiments to alter expression of miR-124 in neural cells did not appear to affect differentiation. However these results are controversial since other reports have described a role for miR-124 during neuronal differentiation.

Targets of miR-124

  • Visvanathan et al.. showed that miR-124 targets the mRNA of the anti-neural function protein SCP1 (small C-terminal domain phosphatase 1).
  • Makeyev et al. showed that miR-124 directly targets PTBP1 (PTB/hnRNP I) mRNA, which encodes a global repressor of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in non-neuronal cells.
  • Arrant et al. wrote that miR-124 changes glutamate receptor composition in the prefrontal cortex and can decrease social dysfunction in frontotemporal dementia.
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