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Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Romania)

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22 January 1862


First holder
Apostol Arsache

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania (Romanian: Ministerul Afacerilor Externe) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Government of Romania.

The current Foreign Minister is Lazăr Comănescu.

List of Ministers of Foreign Affairs

Romania used the Julian calendar until 1919, but all dates are given in the Gregorian calendar.

The following party abbreviations are used:

Additionally, the political stance of prime ministers prior to the development of a modern party system is given by C (Conservative), MC (Moderate Conservative), RL (Radical Liberal) and ML (Moderate Liberal). Interim officeholders are denoted by italics. For those who held office multiple times, their rank of service is given by a Roman numeral.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Romania) Wikipedia

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