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Mingyi Swa of Prome

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Reign  1446–1482
Spouse  Saw Myat Lay
Died  1482 Prome

Successor  Thado Minsaw
Predecessor  Minye Kyawswa
Name  Mingyi of
Issue  Min Hpone Htut of Prome Shwe Zin Gon

Mingyi Swa of Prome (Burmese: မင်းကြီးစွာ, [mɪ́ɴdʑíswà]; c. 1435–1482) was viceroy of Prome from 1446 to 1482 during the reigns of kings Narapati I, Thihathura I and Minkhaung II of Ava.


He was born Min Hsin-Mya (မင်းဆင်များ or မင်းဆင်မြား) to Viceroy Thihathu of Prome and his chief queen Atula Thiri Maha Yaza Dewi in Prome (Pyay). He was the fourth of the couple's eight children. He had one elder brother, two elder sisters, one younger brother and three younger sisters. In April 1442, the family moved to Ava (Inwa) when Thihathu succeeded the Ava throne as Narapati I of Ava.

His stay at Ava was short. In January 1446, Narapati I appointed his second son, then no older than 11 years of age, the viceroy of Prome, the second most important city in the kingdom. He was a loyal son throughout his father's 26-year reign. But in 1472, he tried to revolt against his elder brother King Thihathura I by getting into a league with his younger brother Thado Minsaw, governor of Tharrawaddy. But the planned rebellion never panned out and both brothers submitted to the king in February 1473. Thihathura forgave his brothers and appointed them to their former position. He gave no more trouble when his nephew Minkhaung II became king of Ava in 1480. In return, the new king kept Mingyi Swa at his post.

Mingyi Swa died in 1482, Thado Minsaw of Tharrawaddy seized Prome, and revolted against Minkhaung II. The rebellion succeeded, and Prome became independent. Mingyi Swa's daughter Shwe Zin Gon (ရွှေစင်ကုံး) was married to her first cousin Bayin Htwe, Thado Minsaw's son. His granddaughter Chit Mi was also married to Bayin Htwe.


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