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Middleton (name)

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Meaning  "middle"/"town"
Region of origin  Anglo-Saxon

Middleton is a locational Anglo-Saxon surname originating from dozens of different settlements in England going by one of the pre-7th century Old English variations of "middle" (such as midel) and "town" (such as tun). The earliest recorded examples of such hamlets date to 1086 and include Middeltone, Mideltuna, and Middeltune in such Derbyshire, Shropshire, Sussex, and Yorkshire. The surname "Mideltone" is recorded in Oxfordshire (1166), "Midilton" is noted in Arbroath, Scotland (1221) and "Middelton" is found in Yorkshire (1273).

List of people surnamed Middleton

  • Andrew C. Middleton (1824–1909), New York politician
  • Archibald Middleton (born 1871), Australian Rules footballer
  • Arthur Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Barry Middleton (born 1984), field hockey player for England and Great Britain
  • Bonnor Middleton (1865–1913), South-African cricketer
  • C.H. Middleton (Cecil Henry Middleton, 1886-1945), gardener, writer and radio broadcaster
  • Charles Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Christopher Middleton (poet) (1926–2015), British poet and translator
  • Clyde Middleton (born 1928), American politician
  • Colin Middleton (1910-1983), Irish artist and surrealist
  • Dan Middleton (born 1991), British YouTube personality
  • Darren Middleton (born 1971), Australian lead guitarist for alternative rock band Powderfinger
  • Darryl Middleton (born 1966), American-Spanish basketball player
  • David Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Derek Middleton (born 1934), English professional footballer
  • Edgar Middleton (1894–1939), British playwright and author
  • Eilidh Middleton (born 1990), equestrian competitor from Scotland
  • Erasmus Middleton (1739–1805), English clergyman, author and editor
  • Faith Middleton (born 1948), American radio journalist
  • Frederick Dobson Middleton (1825-1898), Canadian militia leader
  • Gerard V. Middleton (born 1931), South African-born Canadian geologist and sedimentologist
  • George Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Graham Middleton (born 1950), Australian Rules footballer
  • Henry Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Hubert Stanley Middleton (1890–1959), cathedral organist
  • Humphrey Middleton, 16th-century English Protestant martyr
  • Ian Middleton (1928-2007), New Zealand novelist
  • James Middleton (disambiguation), several people named James and Jim
  • Jenna Middleton, fictional character in Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • John Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Joshua Middleton, comic book artist
  • Karen Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (born 1982), wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  • Khris Middleton (born 1991), American basketball player
  • Lindsey Middleton (born March 6, 1991), Canadian actress
  • Lloyd Middleton, former Australian Rules footballer
  • Malcolm Middleton (born 1973), Scottish musician
  • Margaret Yvonne Middleton (1922-2007), better known under her stage name Yvonne De Carlo, Canadian actress
  • Max Middleton (born 1946), English composer and keyboardist
  • Nick Middleton (born 1960), English physical geographer
  • O. E. Middleton (Osman Edward Middleton, 1925–2010), New Zealand short story writer
  • Peter Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Pippa Middleton (born 1983), English columnist and socialite, sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Qaasim Middleton (born 1995), American actor, singer and musician
  • Richard of Middleton, OFM, (c. 1249-c. 1308), Scholastic philosopher
  • R. Hunter Middleton (1898–1985), American book designer, painter, and type designer
  • Robbie Middleton (1990–2011), American boy who was raped and torched on his eighth birthday dying of complications 13 years later
  • Ron Middleton (1916-1942), Australian Victoria Cross recipient
  • Scott Middleton, Canadian Musician, guitarist of Cancer Bats
  • Sheena Booth Middleton (born 1947), better known as Sheena Blackhall, Scottish writer
  • Stanley Middleton (1919–2009), British novelist
  • Thomas Middleton (disambiguation), several people
  • Tom Middleton (born 1971), British recording artist, music producer, remixer and DJ
  • Troy Houston Middleton (1889-1976), Lieutenant General during World War II
  • Tuppence Middleton (born 1987), English actress
  • William Middleton (disambiguation), several people
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