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Middle cerebral veins

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Artery  middle cerebral artery
Latin  Venae media cerebri
Middle cerebral veins
Drains to  cavernous sinus, basal vein

The middle cerebral veins are the superficial middle cerebral vein and the deep middle cerebral vein.

The superficial middle cerebral vein (superficial Sylvian vein) begins on the lateral surface of the hemisphere, and, running along the lateral sulcus, ends in the cavernous or the sphenoparietal sinus.

The deep middle cerebral vein (deep Sylvian vein) receives tributaries from the insula and neighboring gyri, and runs in the lower part of the lateral sulcus.


The superior middle cerebral vein is connected:

  1. with the superior sagittal sinus by the great anastomotic vein of Trolard (Superior anastomotic vein), which opens into one of the superior cerebral veins;
  2. with the transverse sinus by the posterior anastomotic vein of Labbé (Inferior anastomotic vein), which courses over the temporal lobe.


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