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Middle East Airlines Flight 438

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Summary  Terrorist bombing
Crew  15
Aircraft type  Boeing 720-023B
Injuries (nonfatal)  0
Fatalities  81 (all)
Passengers  66
Survivors  0
Date  1 January 1976
Operator  Middle East Airlines
Location  Saudi Arabia
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Site  37 km (23 mi) NW of Al Qaysumah, Saudi Arabia
Destination  Abu Dhabi International Airport
Similar  Indian Airlines Flight 171, Aeroflot Flight 418, EgyptAir Flight 864, American Airlines Flight 625, SAETA Flight 232

Middle East Airlines Flight 438 a Boeing 720B, callsign CEDAR JET 438, was en route from Beirut to Abu Dhabi on 1 January 1976 when a bomb exploded in the forward cargo compartment. The aircraft broke up at an altitude of 11,300 metres (37,100 ft) and crashed 37 km (23 mi) northwest of Al Qaysumah, Saudi Arabia, killing all of its 81 passengers and crew. The bombers were never identified. Lebanon was going through a civil war at the time and the bombing is most likely connected in some way to this war.


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